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I was joyously surprised that the process was seamless and easy


I came to Dr. Favale at the recommendation of my cornea specialist. Due to kerataconus and post lasik ecstasia, I could no longer correct the vision in my right eye with regular glasses or contacts. I came to Dr. Favale to be fitted with “scleral” contact lenses to restore the vision in my right eye. ( I was apprehensive due to being convinced by social media that the fitting process could be a nightmare and that the daily insertion and removal of the lenses was beyond difficult). I was joyously surprised that the process was seamless and easy. Two weeks later, I received my new lenses and VOILA! - I could see again! I received hands on instruction that day on insertion, removal, and care of the lenses and I have had no problems at all. These are the most comfortable contact lenses that I have ever worn and I attribute that to Dr. Favale’s expertise in the fitting process. If you are in need of scleral contact lenses, I highly recommend Dr. Favale and his professional staff!

- J. Kitchens

Completely changed my life as now I can see!


I came in from San Francisco with a serious eye condition. Dr. Favale greeted me at the door and gave me priority treatment. Completely changed my life as now I can see! The staff was sensitive to all of my needs and extremely courteous. Highly recommended.

- Joe C. - Yelp 2017

Definitely recommend them to anyone!


Let me just say that going to any kind of Dr is never my idea of a good time, but the staff and doctors here are absolutely amazing.  They take the few extra moments to make sure that I fully understand each test and the docs take the time to truly explain the results.  Not to mention, Dr. Favale is genuinely concerned with the well being of each of his patients eye health and goes the extra mile to ensure that we are well taken care of.

I've had the pleasure of visiting their practice a few time and definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a terrific eye care practice!

- Aaron S. - Yelp 2016

Everyone here is friendly and helpful!


Everyone here is friendly and helpful. This may be the best eye doctor appointment I have EVER had. I highly recommend Jacksonville Eye Center. Dr. Heron was fantastic. She answered all my questions and gave me a thorough explanation of each procedure.

- Alan Z. - Google 2018

I highly recommend!


Dr Favale is the best. His exam is very thorough and his knowledge and expertise are evident in his evaluation. You will not get an exam and this level of quality at a place you see on tv. His entire staff if very friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend.

- Lisa M. - Google 2018

I recommend DR. Favale to anybody!


I recommend DR. Favale to anybody. He is very professional and thorough. I trust him as much as I did Dr. Akel. I recommend Dr. Favale to anybody. Also his whole staff is excellent.

- Marga B. - Google 2018

Wonderful, caring doctors and staff!


Wonderful, caring doctors and staff. Dr. Favale saved my daughter's eyesight by discovering she had cataracts at an early age. After another doctor had seen her, changed her prescription several times and still did not catch it. My husband and I both go to Dr. Favale and trust him implicitly with our vision.

Always friendly help with the purchase of eyewear, measuring, fitting, etc.

- Judy D. - Google 2018

Frank in the optical department was most helpful!


Very thorough and efficient. Loved the way Dr. Herron explained everything to me as she examined my eyes. Frank in the optical department was most helpful and patient. He didn't seem to mind me taking my time to get just the right pair of glasses for me. I would recommend this business to anyone needing a good place to go for your eye exams and glasses.

- Kara K. - Google 2018

I will definitely refer my friends and family!


I went yesterday as a new patient. I never had an eye exam before. Dr. Favale and his staff were incredibly wonderful. They provide comfort and kindness in a way that you feel like you're family. I was very pleased and satisfied with the care they gave me. I will not only go back to see them again but I will definitely refer my friends and family.

- Michelle G. - Google 2018

Absolutely love this office!


Absolutely love this office! I tried 2 other offices that did not compare. I have been coming here, now, for over 20 years. I started wearing glasses at age 10 and contacts at age 11.

Dr. Favale and Dr. Akel are warm, genuine and make you feel like part of their family. Dr. Favale has even sat and chatted with me prior to my visit in the lobby. The office staff is helpful, efficient and knowledgeable.

- Sikes l. - Google 2018